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Why Join?

Save money.   Great service.   No surprises.

On any given day, the price customers pay for propane varies greatly...and unfairly.  One person might be charged $1.99 per gallon, another $3.20, and a third $5.00!  All on the same day, in the same area, for the same product. Take the mystery out of propane pricing - join The Propane Collective.

Real-Time Member Pricing

  AS OF JULY 10:   $1.87 residential / $1.78 commercial
 :   $1.91 residential / $1.82 commercial

add .30 for will-call

We’re a local buying group – not a propane company –
led by a consumer advocate committed to fair pricing for all.

Purchasing Power

The Propane Collective uses its collective bargaining power to negotiate a volume rate for its members.

As a member of the Collective, you pay a negotiated flat rate (margin) over our supplier's cost for propane.


While the cost of propane naturally fluctuates from day-to-day, your margin doesn't change.

No questionable "retail" rates; no "first fill" or "summer specials" designed to get your business.


Just low, year-round pricing that is transparent and verifiable. 

Transparent Pricing

Choose your service and pricing:

1. Residential Routed Service

The easiest, least expensive option for households.

  • $.89 over wholesale cost  

  • $35 - $50 tank rental

  • $0 delivery fees

  • Free tank monitoring

  • Customer-owned tanks ok

2. Residential Will-Call Service 

For households not eligible for routed service or who want to actively monitor propane fills. 


  • $1.19 over wholesale cost

  • $35 - $50 tank rental

  • $10.95 delivery fee

  • Free tank monitor available

  • Customer-owned tanks (COT)
    not eligible for will-call

Reliable Service

The Propane Collective has chosen

InterState Propane as its exclusive supplier.

InterState Propane is a partner company of InterState Oil, a mid-size, family-owned company in business since 1970.

Unlike larger propane companies, when you call InterState, you get a real person based right here in California. And unlike smaller ones, InterState has the infrastructure and capability to service our "Collective" needs. 

The company’s size and service-oriented focus make it a great fit for our small but growing Collective.

3. Commercial Routed Service​

The easiest, least expensive option for small businesses.

  • $.80 over wholesale cost

  • $35 - $50 tank rental

  • $0 delivery fees

  • Free tank monitoring

  • Customer-owned tanks ok

Membership in The Propane Collective is available for residents and business owners in much of El Dorado, Placer, Nevada, and Sacramento counties. Check our Service Area Map to see if your area is covered.

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