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Save BIG on propane.

It's next-to-impossible for the average consumer to comparison shop propane. Prices fluctuate daily. Many propane companies charge different rates to different customers. Some quote one 'retail' price when you call, but charge a completely different price in actuality. Frankly, the industry could use some oversight.

How Much Can I Save?

December 15, 2023 Price Survey

Routed service, leased tank

Dec 15 price survey FINAL.png
Member Savings:  $377 / delivery

Our 12/15/23 survey shows that the Collective's price for leased, routed service was $1.21 per gallon lower than average.

When you add the delivery fee savings of $14 per delivery, Collective Members would save an average of $377 on just one 300-gallon delivery!*

Here's the math:

$1.21 per gallon propane average savings x 300 gallons + $14 delivery fees = $377.

Savings Example:  $947 / year

Annual savings are a bit harder to quantify as usage and pricing vary significantly throughout the year.

For a rough estimate, consider a 2,000 sq. foot home heated with propane. The owners use an estimated 800 gallons of propane each year and lease a 500-gallon tank.


With just 3 deliveries per year, this Collective Member would save approximately $950 per year!*

Here's the math:

Estimate average savings over the year of $1.00 per gallon x  800 gallons + $42 delivery fees + $105 tank rental savings = $947.

How did we come up with this comparison?

  • We surveyed propane companies in the Placerville area, requesting the "retail price per gallon" for routed, leased tanks.

  • The chart above shows both the quoted retail propane prices as well as what customers are actually paying, as reported on the Facebook EDC propane watchdog group and other verifiable sources.
  • Companies whose quoted price differed from reported prices are noted with an *; both prices are reflected in the chart.
  • The "average price" of $3.46 represent the average of both the retail and reported prices shown in the chart.
  • For the annual "Savings Example," an average savings of $1 was used vs. $1.21. This decrease assumes summer pricing will be considerably lower, thereby reducing the overall savings per gallon.  
  • The chart does not reflect savings for tank rental and delivery fees, but the savings examples do include those figures.


*Savings calculations are for illustration purposes; actual savings will vary.


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