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Become a Member

Small fee.  BIG savings.

Members pay a small annual fee to join The Propane Collective. In exchange, you receive access to our low, volume propane rates through our partner, InterState Propane.


The cost of your membership is a fraction of what you’ll save each year. 


$49 / year membership fee


$89 / year membership fee

​   Includes:

  • Access to Residential Pricing

  • 1 building / 1 service-hookup per membership.
    ​​ (Rental homes, granny flats, separate buildings, etc.  each require their own membership.)

  • Generator tank hookup included in membership fee.

​   Includes:

  • Access to Commercial Pricing for both your business and residence, provided residence is
    also enrolled in The Propane Collective.

  • 1 building / 1 service-hookup per membership:

    • If you have more than 3 buildings on your property or have other special circumstances, contact us for a quote.

  • Generator tank hookup included in membership fee.

 Membership Details

  • Memberships are not pro-rated: they begin on the enrollment date and run thru the end of the year. 

  • Membership fees are non-refundable unless Member is not accepted by Interstate Propane. There are no pro-rated refunds.

  • Memberships renew on the 1st of each year unless cancelled.

  • Allow 1 week for membership processing and 1-3 weeks for site visit scheduling. 

  • If you move, your membership fee and propane pricing agreement is transferable to your new property, provided the property is serviced by InterState and your account is in good standing.

  • Membership in the Collective may not be beneficial for very low users (less than 200 - 300 gallons per year) who require a leased tank, as minimum usage fees may apply.

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