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Propane Pricing

Low rates.   No delivery fees.   Transparent pricing. 

If you've had propane service before, you're probably aware it's next-to-impossible to know what you're truly getting charged until you get your bill. (For more on that, check out our Savings page.)

As a Member of The Propane Collective you have access to year-round, low rates typically available only to very high-volume purchasers. What's more, delivery fees are waived for Collective Members and tank rental rates are the lowest around! 


1. Determine your margin.

Coloma-Lotus Co-op*

New Members

Residential Routed Service:

Commercial Routed Service:

Residential Will-Call Service:

+  $  .85 

+  $  .75
+  $1.15

+  $  .89

+  $  .79
+  $1.19

* Coloma-Lotus Co-op rate Includes additional .04/gallon discount exclusively available for Co-op members who sign up by 1/31/24. See Membership for details.

2. Calculate your price.

Add your margin to the "Current Wholesale Rate" (posted at the top of this page) to get your current price.


If today's wholesale rate is $1 and you are a residential routed customer on the discounted  "Coloma-Lotus Co-op Rate," your rate would be $1.85. 

Note: Maximum savings are achieved through routed service. Will-call deliveries are less efficient and more expensive for suppliers. 

3. That's it! 

Read on for details...

  • BBQ Tank Fills Are Back!

    • Get up to 2 BBQ cylinder tanks filled at time of delivery at your discounted rate*.

    • No more swapping BBQ cylinders and paying a premium for BBQ propane.
      BBQ tanks must be serviceable and located next to the main tank. Cylinder service available at driver's discretion.


  • Tank Monitoring

    • Free tank monitors available for both leased and customer-owned tanks.

    • ​Remote tank monitors transmit fuel levels to InterState's central monitoring system, allowing for more efficient delivery service. 

  • Installation: Leased Tanks

    • At no cost to Members, InterState will install its tank and equipment, pump over fuel from existing tank, and set the current tank aside.*

    • Equipment includes updated regulators (up to 2), copper connections and concrete blocks.

    • ​​​​​Fuel transfer service is at InterState's discretion. 

    • Before initiating service, tank should be below 30% (250-gallon tank); or 20% (500+ gallon tank.)

  • Leak Test: Customer-Owned Tanks

    • A​t no cost to Members, a leak test will be conducted prior to start of service.

    • Leak tests are required for all Customer-Owned Tanks (COT's)

    • Member must be present when this test is completed. 

    • Any required repairs to COT tank connections, regulators, etc. are the responsibility of the owner, unless equipment was installed by InterState and is under warranty.

  • Delivery Fees

    • "Haz-mat" and "Fuel Delivery" fees are waived for Collective Members,
      saving you 
      up to $27 per delivery!


  • Tank Lease Fee

    • Tanks under 494 Gallons = $35 per year (compare at $60 - $140 per year!)

    • Tanks 495 to 600 Gallons = $50 per year (compare at $90 - $150 per year!)

    • Generator tanks = $150 per year.

  • Minimum Usage - Leased Tanks
    Minimum usage requirements help to ensure InterState doesn't lose money on the aggressive pricing it has extended our Members. This requirement protects us all as the Collective will only be successful if our partner meets its profitability goals. 


    • Tanks under 494 gallons need to use a minimum of 300 gallons per calendar year.

    • Tanks over 494 gallons need to use a minimum of 500 gallons per calendar year.

    • If minimum use levels are not met, customers will be charged their margin rate multiplied by the shortage of gallons needed to meet the minimum requirement.​​

      Example: If a customer on a .85 margin is leasing a 250-gallon tank and uses only 250 gallons per year, they would be charged a minimum usage fee of $42,50
      (25 gallons x margin rate of .85 = $21.25.)


  • Generator Tanks
    Tanks used specifically for generators often have sporadic usage and could result in minimum usage fees as described above.​ InterState suggests Customers connect their generator directly to their main tank. Interstate may assist with this project as follows:


    • Interstate will, at its discretion, cover the labor required to connect the generator to the customer’s main tank, up to 100’ in pipe length.

    • ​​Customers will be charged for parts. Depending on the length of piping the cost could run approximately $250 to $350.

    • The trench must be provided by the Customer: minimum of 18” deep, maximum of 32” deep. (This is not recommended for runs over 100’.)

    • Customers may want to upsize their main tank from a 250-gallon tank to a 500-gallon tank.

    • Generator Tank rental is $150 per year.

NOTE: If you are interested in the generator tank connection service, please note your interest on the sign-up form in the Notes section.

  • Underground Tanks
    InterState Propane does not lease or install underground tanks, but will service them upon request. 


    • Cathodic protection test: $125 (required annually by State of CA)​

    • Anode bags if needed; prices vary. (Currently ~$450 plus installation at $125/hour.



  • Coloma-Lotus Co-op Members 

    • Sign up by 1/31/24 to receive the "Coloma-Lotus-Co-op" discounted rate and priority scheduling.

    • Both active and waitlisted members are eligible for enrollment.

    • Co-op Members' homes & businesses outside of the Coloma-Lotus valley are also eligible, assuming they are within InterState's service area.

    • InterState service start date does NOT effect eligibility for discounts, i.e. as long as you sign up for the Collective by 1/31/24, you will receive the discounted rate.

    • Co-op members who do not sign up for Membership by 1/31/24 will be put on a wait-list.
      Waitlist members will be contacted once all Co-op Members are transitioned to InterState. 


  • InterState Credit Requirements

    • Members must submit a credit application to InterState Propane and complete required paperwork.

    • If credit is approved, accounts are given net 30-day terms from the date of delivery. 

    • If credit is not approved, Members have two options to receive Routed service/rates:

      • Sign up for EFT payment. Funds will be removed 1 to 5 days after delivery.

      • Place a deposit payment on your account 1.5x the size of your tank. 

        • ​250-gallon tank: $375 deposit

        • 500-gallon tank: $750 deposit

        • Any remaining balance must be paid before next delivery is made.


  1. Complete the membership application.

  2. Applications will be sent to InterState for initial approval and account set-up.

  3. The Collective sends invoice to Member; Member pays invoice.

  4. InterState schedules tank change-outs for leased tanks and/or leak tests for Customer Owned Tanks.

  5. Scheduling will begin in January as available (weather-dependent) and will continue into spring or early summer, weather dependent.

  6. There are many variables to scheduling.


  • Once existing Co-op Members are transitioned over, The Propane Collective will be open to new members.

  • Membership will be available throughout InterState's service area which includes much of El Dorado and Placer counties.

  • Open enrollment is tentatively planned for Spring/Summer 2024.

  • Prospective Members can join the waitlist here


  • InterState Propane has made a 5-year commitment to The Propane Collective.

  • Members are NOT committed to the 5-year period. If you are unhappy with the pricing or service you are free to change service at any time, with no penalty.

  • Pricing is fixed for 2 years, through 12/31/25.

  • Beginning 1/1/26 our margin may be adjusted annually - up or down, to reflect changing conditions.

    • Note: the margin will never adjust more than .05 / year within our 5-year contract period

    • Our margin may be decreased if we significantly grow the Collective.

    • Both TPC and InterState must provide rational and jointly agree to any to any price increases/decreases within our 5-year contract period.

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